Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A pun that includes the word 'lead'?

Sorry chaps, I can't think of any amusing pun that includes the word lead....I need a cup of tea and a biscuit I think! Anyway, just a quickie from Molatero's top secret military foundry somewhere in darkest Scotland!

My brother posted up this photo of his latest eBay haul...Well, hopefully eBay and not the local church roof! :)

A shed load of lead! And a Irregular Miniatures 54mm soldier I sent him for scale reference.

He says:

"10 Kilos of Scrap Lead destined for my melting pot. Just waiting for my Bismuth to arrive and I can start blending my model metal - Lead, Tin, Bismuth. There is also a pinch of Antimony and Copper (Approx 1% each) which was inherited from the Pewter I used for the Tin content ... 
(Pewter is approx 95% to 99% Tin with varying amounts of Copper and Antimony). 
Church roof to Soldier. Ironic innit"

He is far more eloquent that me. Funny to think that this slab of metal may one day be the front line of Molatero's army!


  1. Lead astray? And why has my roof started leaking?

    1. LOL... I'm not asking any questions! It's Dundee after all, best not to! ;)

  2. I won't ask any leading questions then...
    That went down like a lead balloon.

    1. Hee hee. I wonder just how many soldiers that load of lead will make? Sky's the limit I suppose...Well, it is now! :D

    2. 10 Kg of my Model Casting Metal will make approx 500 soldiers or 210 horses, or 100,000 Muskets or 175,000 sabres or 1 ground anchor. :)