Monday, 28 September 2015

Hmmmm...What next?

One of those 'notes to myself' really. Although I don't want to spoil the FLW roll I seem to be (finally) on - as my Burkish regiment is coming along nicely - I would like a little variety.

I keep looking at those French 1900 infantry of the line (by Black Hat) that I started...

I do like the Black Hat soldiers, they are quaintly - how do I put this politely - 'unique'. They are a bit on the 'chunky' side - but only in that barrel-chested Edwardian sort of way. (Amusingly I based my first figure sculpt - 'Harry' - on them and my brother called him 'chubby'!)

Anyway...I'm tempted to see if I can knock out a half-regiment of French, just for the hell of it (I do want to do a 'Horizon Blue' aymy at some point in the future but that will be based on the slightly smaller 54mm 'traditional toy soldier' size).

The difference in size between Black Hat's 1/32 scale soldiers (far right) and
some more traditionally sized 54mm soldiers (by Irregular Miniatures).
...If I get these chaps painted I may try my hand at selling them on eBay. You never know, someone might like them! (Depends what kind of job I make of painting them I suppose.)

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  1. I look forward to seeing these fellows with paint upon them.