Friday, 24 April 2015

Where do I begin?

...Well, at the beginning I guess! With having such a long 'time out' from all things Molatero I now find I have lost or forgotten a number of skills that I was starting to develop - take my 'Harry' project, I had worked really hard to learn about 1/32 scale figure sculpting but not I don't have a clue about what I was up to or planning next. Likewise, some of my other 'advanced' scratch building projects seem like mystical black arts to me now.

Left: My very first scratch sculpted 1/32 soldier - 'Harry'. Not perfect by any means but I think he has a certain antique charm. Sadly it will be a while before I can continue this project.

So I am going to have to do some prioritisation, starting with some 'easy' projects - like simple plastic figure painting - and working back up to the more complicated conversations and scratch builds. What a shame! It really depresses me when I look back at what I was achieving and now I have to start from the very beginning again...

A job that is probably more within my current skill-range would be my planned 'regiment' of Molaterian Jaegars. This is a simple paint job with just a smidgen of light conversion (replacing hats) which would be a good re-introduction to FLW modelling.

Amusingly, even this fairly basic work has been effected by the chaos that has taken over my hobbies over the past year and a half. Rather foolishly, while not undertaking any Molatero based projects, I gave my little collection of Tamiya paints to my brother who was just starting out on the modelling hobby.

One thing I do remember is that I found that Tamiya paints - while being slightly too gloopy for model kit painting - where of exactly the right consistency to get a nice coverage of coat on plastic soldiers (once suitably primed of course). Tamiya produces a lovely flat but rich colour coat which is very close to enamels but without the inconvenience of having to use solvent based thinners or cleaning fluids - which stink up the house (and annoys the wife).

So...Job number one - start buying some Tamiya paints! :)


  1. Jaegers sound like a cunning plan I say! look forward to seeing them in action/on the work bench!

    1. They seemed like a nice project when I originally thought of it, but I'm going to have to think hard about it now as I have lost my train of thought due to the long break. I'm still unpacking stuff and one of the things that is still missing is the box which contained the special resin hats I made for them! :(